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Denver Judo offers classes in the martial art and Olympic Sport of judo for every age and level!

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Youth Judo:
Our Youth Judo class is taught by Senseis Scott Moore (Godan), Heidi Moore (Godan). The class is open to kids ages 6 -12 years. Students begin with basic safety techniques (falling methods) and progress to throwing and grappling techniques. Students will participate in local and national tournaments and to test for advanced belt ranks. This unique class focuses on the competitive aspects of judo while instilling the values of self-confidence, coordination, respect, and discipline.
Fundamentals of Judo:
The Fundamentals of Judo Class is open to anyone 13 years and older who would like to study the art of judo. Headed by 1st degree black belts Steeve Alvaro and Alyssa Zawack, the class focuses on learning the basic principals of judo including ukemi (falling methods), kumi kata (gripping), and nage and ne waza (throwing and grappling). Students will also be introduced to the basic Japanese terminology and philosophy of judo in preparation for graduation into the competitive class.
Competitive Judo:
This class is led by 3 time Paralympic Medalist Scott Moore and 2 time Pan American and World Team member Heidi Moore. This class focuses on the techniques of competition judo with the intention of training participants for tournaments. This is a high-intensity class, so expect a hard workout. Participants are expected to participate in local and national tournaments, and will be offered the opportunity to test for advanced ranks on a quarterly basis. You do not have to have judo experience to attend this class, but it is recommended that you take at least 1 month of the beginning class prior to starting competitive practice.
Judo for the Blind and Visually Impaired:
Denver Judo is strongly involved with the US Paralympic Judo program and is happy to accept invidiuals with visually impairments. Judo is an excellent sport for the visually impaired and the blind, as it relies largely on one's sense of touch, balance, and timing, and does not involve kicking or punching. Only minor modifications are needed to allow visually impaired individuals fully participate judo practices and tournaments. Our classes are open to visually impaired and blind individuals on a fully integrated basis. Please watch this video for more information on judo for the blind and visually impaired - click here


What is Judo?

Judo, an Olympic Sport since 1964 for men and 1992 for women, is the most widely practiced martial art on the planet. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, Judo is the safest contact sport for children under the age of 13. There are no punches or kicks, judo uses throws and grappling to control opponents. In competition, matches are won by throwing your opponent to the mat or by holding your opponent on their back (pinning) to score points. Judo is a great form of exercise that promotes physical fitness and develops self-esteem, discipline, respect for ones self and for others. Visit the Judo Information Site for more information on Judo!


  Bianca Hernandez - Fighting Spirit   Scott throwing Venezuela at the IBSA World Championships - Team Competition   Jordan in his first Judogi   2005 World Judo Team - Ciaro Egypt - Heidi is 4th from the left in front row   The Moore Family   Heidi on a Camel in Cairo   Rob and Scott at the Pyramids